CrowdKit solves the biggest problem in marketing - finding YOUR audience

Place a CrowdKit link anywhere your customers are, and we’ll surface your highest-engaging crowd

In your social bio

Manage your bio links, grow your email lists, run promotions, and showcase products

In your restaurant

Serve food menus, incentivize repeat visits, recognize your best customers, and boost online review ratings

In your Hotel

Share Wi-Fi, promote loyalty signups, get live feedback, & encourage online ratings

Shops, AirBnbs, and venues

In your shop

Reward visits, grow your email lists, and run promotions.

In your AirBnb

CrowdKit modernizes your three-ring binder, and helps you stay in touch after.

In your entertainment venue

Upgrade your club level and boxes with useful features

Meet CrowdKit

Fusion icon

Fusion orchestrates events from your in-person and online event streams, illustrating important customer touchpoints across channels

By using CrowdKit links, you’ll see as your TV campaigns generate social media engagment, then in-store visits.

Loved by brands all over the world

The Pierre hotel
Revered as a quintessential monument to New York City grandeur, the Pierre uses CrowdKit to share Wi-Fi access in its meeting rooms.
Dallas Mavericks
The Mavs are a high-end global sports and entertainment organization providing memorable experiences for fans worldwide.
UBS Arena
This newly-built home of the NY Islanders offers world-class hospitality experiences adjacent to bone-crushing cross-checks.
WIS-TV is South Carolina's breaking news and First Alert Weather forecast leader for Columbia, Lexington, and affiliated with NBC and The CW.
Mezo Noir
Defining new levels of luxury dining, Mezo Noir uses CrowdKit features to serve menus while collecting valuable feedback from its distinguished patrons.
Poppy & Pout
All-natural lip balms made by hand in Idaho since 2014. Puppy & Pout prompts and generates reviews using CrowdKit.
Zagg Entertainment
Zag entertainment’s cutting edge Film, and TV break the boundaries of the screen to deliver inspiring entertainment across all platforms.
As the leading independent Identity partner, Okta frees everyone to safely use any technology — anywhere, on any device or app. Okta uses CrowdKit to share Wi-Fi in its meeting rooms.
DeadWords Brewing
Operating a 15 BBL brewpub in the Parramore district of downtown Orlando, DeadWords believe there’s a beer for everyone, and also Wi-Fi (using CrowdKit to share it).
Tradewind Aviation
Tradewind provides personal air travel—both private and scheduled service—throughout North America and the Caribbean. They use CrowdKit for leadgen while recruiting.

Show your attention to detail

Or your commitment to minimalism. Or both. CrowdKit theming is fully unlocked & lets you express your brand’s identity in creative ways.

It’s also multi-location aware, so you can have customized messaging for each campus or branch.

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Real-life examples

Example instagram bio

Use a CrowdKit link in your social bio

It displays your branding with links to all your other channels and sites. So far it’s pretty standard link-in-bio stuff.

Example instagram bio

Someone visits the CrowdKit link in your social bio

It displays your branding with links to all your other channels and sites. So far it’s pretty standard link-in-bio stuff.

CrowdKit platform accessed in a store

We’ll remember which device interacted

Even if the user is unknown, we’ll recognize that device in the future

An example retail store

When your next guest visits in-person and interacts, we’ll recognize their device from Instagram

Interactions are created by offering them Wi-Fi, a food menu, or a promotion via a QR code.

Rewards and incentives

Our built-in incentives identify your guest

Offer a coupon, inspirational quote, raffle ticket, private pic, or even a free NFT

Rewards and incentives

Our suite of in-person tools help you identify each guest

Free Wi-Fi, coupons, rewards, or even a free NFT are all at your disposal

Example marketing funnel

Your guest enters an email conversion funnel

Guest data is transferred through our integrations into your email or sms marketing platform of choice

Example marketing funnel

Earn win-backs with timed promotions and your email funnel

Our seamless integrations place guests at the top of your email marketing funnel. You’ll also earn win-backs using the built-in timed promotion that unlocks after they leave.

A purchased cart

Your guest converts

This might be an online purchase, patreon subscription, sales call, or newsletter sub

A purchased cart

Your guest converts

This might be a purchase, repeat visit, newsletter sub, privaty party, or simply a lasting relationship.  Best of all?  You’ll see exactly how it all happened.

Impress your crowd

CrowdKit provides polished guest amenities right out of the box

Simple, secure Wi-Fi sharing

Say goodbye to frustration when joining Wi-Fi. CrowdKit uses tech from the innovative Wifi Porter products to make guest access incredibly easy.


We call it a winback reward, but to your guests it’s a sweet loyalty perk that unlocks the day after their visit.

Serve menus the right way

Did you know menus served with regular QR codes are often closed by mistake, requiring a re-scan? CrowdKit fixes that, so your guests spend less time on the tech, and more time on the treat.

Realtime feedback and reviews

Leaving feedback is simple, and you’re notified the instant it happens. Plus, our automatic sentiment steering helps promote positive online review scores.

Amenities and tutorials

TV remote instructions, nearby ice-cream, how to use the fireplace, and more are easy to share with CrowdKit, making your guest’s stay very comfortable.

Our roadmap is 🔥

CrowdKit may already seem like a breath of fresh air, but we’re already preparing even more capabilites.

More customer touchpoints
Our CrowdKit pixel and API endpoint will allow you to capture and analyze conversions, interactions, and touchpoints from across your digital properties.
Collectible rewards
Leverage your brand’s value by creating personalized reward collections that you can gift to your best customers.
Accept payments
From donations to merch tents & pop up shops, we’re going to make it a snap to accept ad-hoc payments.
Printing services
You can already print table tents, posters, and QR codes using CrowdKit, but we’re integrating easy access to professional-quality printing services.

Enhanced capacity on standby

All CrowdKit features are free, and as you grow we can supply additional capacity to support your operations.

Porter interface walkthrough

Platform walkthrough

We’ll show you the three fastest ways to start converting visitors into customers, as well as how to set up your first flow.



There are limits to some of the promotions you can offer. Most people will not hit them, but there are options available for those that do.


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